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Quantum of Solace (The Game) Audio Interview

Chuck Russom Special: Quantum of Solace [Exclusive Interview] Sadly, the Chuck Russom Special is coming to the end. Here’s the last interview we made, this time talking about “Quantum of Solace” (the video game), where Chuck was the Audio Lead. Designing Sound: So ,how do you get hired on Treyarch and how do you get involved with Quantum […]

Call of Duty Audio Interview

Chuck Russom Special: Call of Duty [Exclusive Interview] Call of Duty (released 7 years ago) was one of the most important jobs for Chuck Russom, so we decided to make an interview talking about that game and what it meant for his career. Designing Sound: How do you get hired on Infinity Ward and how do […]

God of War Audio Interview

Chuck Russom Special: God of War I & II [Exclusive Interview] Continuing with the special of Chuck Russom, here’s a very cool talk I had with him, about the sound design of “God of War I” and “God of War II”. Check: Designing Sound: How early you came into the development of “God of War […]

Designing Sound Interview

Chuck Russom Special: Exclusive Interview Let’s get started with the Chuck Russom Special! Today I have for you an interesting interview I had with him, talking about general aspects of his career, his tools, thoughts on the industry, and more. Designing Sound: To start please tell us how you get started with sound and the evolution […]

Game Sound Design Interview

A few years back, I did an interview for  We discussed field recording, sound design, equipment, and all sorts of geeky audio stuff.  You can read the interview here: