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How To Record Loud Things

Randy Coppinger interviewed Michael Raphael and me for the A Sound Effect Blog   How To Record Extremely Loud Things – Randy Coppinger interviews Chuck Russom and Michael Raphael When it comes to microphones, I don’t think I’ve ever come across anyone with quite the same level of enthusiasm as Randy Coppinger. He’s hugely into […]

Gun Recording Interview

Gun Recording Interview Interviewed 10/26/2014 by Richard Savery (Game Audio Network Guild). This month we interviewed Chuck Russom about his recently released sound library Guns: Vol 1, with Volume 2 due out soon.  Chuck is a Game Audio veteran with more than 15 years experience working as Sound Designer, Sound Effects Recordist and Audio Director.  Some of the franchises he has been involved […]

Interview With A Sound Effect

Meet Chuck Russom – an independent sound effects pioneer Chuck Russom was one of the very first sound designers to release sound effects independently, so I’m really happy to welcome him here at A Sound Effect. In this exclusive Q&A he tells what it was like starting out in indie SFX, the stories behind some […]