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Designing Sound Interview

Chuck Russom Special: Exclusive Interview Let’s get started with the Chuck Russom Special! Today I have for you an interesting interview I had with him, talking about general aspects of his career, his tools, thoughts on the industry, and more. Designing Sound: To start please tell us how you get started with sound and the evolution […]

Gun Sound Design Tips

Gun Sound Design I work on a lot of games that are filled with guns. Over the years, through experimentation, screwing up, listening to movies/games with great guns sounds, and tips from other sounds designers, I’ve been able to create a process that works well for me. The biggest influence on my gun sound design […]

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Chuck Russom –  Over 15 Years In Game Audio


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My game audio career began when I was hired as an in-house sound designer at New World Computing. From 1999 – 2002, I worked on several Might and Magic RPG and Heroes of Might and Magic TBS games.

From 2003 – 2004, I worked in-house at Infinty Ward as the only sound designer on what would become one of the biggest franchises in gaming history; Call of Duty. During my time at Infinity Ward I was responsible for all audio devlopment on the original Call of Duty PC title.

In 2004, I was hired as an Audio Lead at EA Los Angeles. While at EA, I managed a large audio team and oversaw the developement of Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault on PC.

From 2004 – 2007, I worked as a Senior Sound Designer at Sony Santa Moncia. While at Sony, I worked in a variety of roles on various titles. My key responsibility during this time was serving as Lead Sound Designer on the God of War franchise.

From 2007 – 2008, I was Audio Lead at Treyarch where I oversaw the audio development on the James Bond Franchise.

Since 2008, I have worked in a freelance capacity as a sound desinger and recordist.

In 2010, I launched my own sound effects label; Chuck Russom FX


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