I am currently open to collab/tfp shoots. Below are moodboards for the type of shoots I'm currently looking to do. If you're a model and any of these concepts look interesting to you, contact me and we can talk about a possible shoot. I leave wardrobe up to the model and shoot within their comfort level.

All these moodboards should be considered NSFW (although, they're all fairly tame with possibly some light nudity here and there).

None of the work on the moodboards is mine. These shots are used only as reference/inspiration. The rights to all of these photos belong to their respective owners.

Fashion Lingerie/Implied/Topless 

1990s/2000s inspired fashion lingerie. Shot using direct flash against white walls. Vibe/Attitude = rock n roll / punk / Kate Moss. Very don’t give a fuck kind of attitude. 

Ellen Von Unwerth Style Lingerie

Influenced by the style and lighting of photographer Ellen Von Unwerth. Very rock/punk attitude glam lingerie shoot. Location, wardrobe, and attitude are the keys to this shoot. I have a few location options in LA that are perfect. The right model will have the wardrobe options and attitude to pull off these shots.

Bathroom Tub/Mirror

A few ideas for a tub shoot which we can definitely tailor to the comfort level of the model.

And some ideas for bathroom mirror/sink - getting ready (putting makeup on, just looking in the mirror, etc) kind of shots.

This concept would probably need to be combined with another concept, to take full advantage of a location.

Pool Editorial

Yeah, it's a pool shoot. But it would be awesome to shoot something fun and edgy, more on the editorial side and less like a swim catalog.

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